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Does every business need a website?
Well, this is a question only the business owner can answer. However, the answer is generally YES! if you don't do it, your competitor is going to, and snatch your market share away.
My products and services can't really sell online,

why do I need a website?

Whoever was in yellow pages yesterday, will need to have a website today. Corporate’s need a website, as does a small business, retailer, restaurant, lawyer, accountant, dentist, insurance agent, property agent, and even plumbers need a website.
If you don't have a website, when I do a search using a search engine, your peers that own a website will get the business, not you.
Something great about internet is, it is a levelled battle field for you to play with the big guy.
You are always just a click away from the big guy to win their business over.

A well designed, properly crafted marketing message on your website can reflect a professional image on your small operation. A website should be the best friend of any small business. It is your PR agency, your advertising board, your marketing manager, your recruitment firm, and much more.

Getting yourself onto the internet has been the most important thing for any business in the recent years. Without putting yourself on the internet, means you are losing prospective business, losing your market share, failing to generate new leads, and when all your competitors are up on the internet, where will your business be?

Here is 5 quick answer of why,
  • It is cheaper that advertising and it stays there almost forever.
  • You can use the website to interact with your customer.
  • It is a trend today where people will search on the web before they make up their mind about the purchasing decision.
  • It gives you far better reach to the customer that is outside of your local area.
  • It is easier to get people to visit your website and understand about your business, than pick up their phone or visit your store personally.
About Me
My name is Julie, I live with my family in uk. However, my location is irrelevant thanks to the World-Wide-Web.
I offer professional web design services. I am self taught website designer. I first started updating a site made for me using 'Contribute - Adobe'. I then moved on to using Dreamweaver.

I found this software mind boggling and felt I had to get more training to use this software to its maximum capabilities. So I enlisted a personal one-to-one Dreamweaver expert, who not only educates people on a one-to-one basis but runs local adult education training courses in a variety of web tools and software. It is during these training session that I was taught how to optimise sites for Google rankings and optimum flow of traffic to my websites. Basically ' How to Give Google what it wants'.

For my web design I use either templates or design them from scratch. Depending on what an individual requires.

So what exactly do I offer and how much does it cost?

I offer reasonably priced professional web design services ranging from single page web presence and medium sized professional sites.
I offer services where
  • you can maintain your website yourself after design is complete,
  • maintenance service to already designed sites.
  • I can design, host and maintain all in one
  • All options can be tailor made to your requirements offering and charging no more than is required for your needs



How Long will it take
Cheap Websites designed
To do my site from scratch
Depending on the size, I can have a website up and running for you in a matter of days. I manage all technical aspects of websites, including domain name purchases and hosting of the website itself. All Sites Hosted with Competitive Web Site Design come with full site statistics- Webalizer, email and mail management and Google optimization.
CSS Template
Adobe, Master Collection CS3 - Photo Shop, FireWorks, Contribute, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Flash Professional, illustrator.Paintshop Pro XI, Animation Shop, to Name a few


Cheap Websites designed
Ready Made Templates

I sometimes have Ready-Made templates for sale, The Ready made template page is under construction and will be available to view shortly